Clyde Marine Leather make top quality suede yacht accessories

Just some of the comments we have received from satisfied customers:

Charles from Galway
"Thanks for a great product; it really improves the look and feel of the wheel!"

Neil from Northern Ireland
"The kit - perfectly parallel and the holes matched up on both sides = nice, even, straight seam
the whole way around.

Holding in Place - A stitch between each spoke holds the cover on whilst being stitched.
This has advantages over double sided sticky tape
1. You can move the cover to exactly centre the join
2. You can easily rotate the cover to keep the seam centered
3. I didn't have any double sided tape...

The join - I used the off-cut to mark the transverse holes and crossed 3 times to make sure that the join won't burst.

I think that the finished article looks great. It makes are real difference to the back end of the boat.
Now, all I have to do is learn how to drive properly!"

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